Labor-saving marketing tips in honor of Labor Day

16th, Aug 2019

While you’re enjoying the last few weeks of summer, here are a few quick marketing tips to help you take a break from your hard labor.

marketing tips1. Re-promote. Take articles/blog posts you wrote 6 or more months ago that are still useful and interesting and repost them on social media or share in your email newsletter. Some people may never have seen them the first time around, or if they did, may not remember all the points you made.

2. Repurpose. For every piece of content you produce, you should always find at least 3-4 ways you can repurpose it. For example, create various versions in these formats: short, long, expert-level, beginner-level, consumer-oriented, technical, written, presentation, video, infographics, charts, etc. Now you’ve got content for months.

3. Use a scheduling tool. It’s very time-consuming to consistently share content on social media especially if you have multiple accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and CoSchedule let you schedule your posts in advance from 1 place, keep track of your activity, and get basic analytics.

4. Delegate when possible. You should always be making the highest and best use of your time. That means don’t waste time doing tasks that could be better handled by someone else. Remember your time is money.

Happy Labor Day!

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