5 ways video can jumpstart your digital marketing

20th, May 2019

Many professional service firms are far behind other industries in adopting video marketing, but it is slowly changing. Why? Because video is effective across every marketing communication touchpoint.

jumpstart your video marketingVideo is another format for content marketing which is a proven way to attract and retain clients. It can be used for brand awareness, niche marketing, thought leadership, email nurturing and crisis communication. However, video provides some additional advantages. Studies show that consumers often prefer to learn about new services with video, rather than text. Robert Weiss at MultiVision Digital, a New York video production company, notes “we are becoming a nation of viewers rather than readers as we do our online research.” And those researchers are more likely to share video with their colleagues and engage with video posts on social media.

Everyday billions of videos are being viewed and firms cannot afford to ignore this market. With insights from Robert, here’s why your professional service firm should adopt video marketing today:

1. Demonstrates expertise. The best ways to showcase your knowledge and experience is through public speaking and writing. Video is an extension of that – it’s another communication format and it perfectly complements both live presentations and text-based materials. For instance, if you are producing a live event, you can record it and create several videos of varying lengths on specific topics. Each video then provides content that informs your audience and builds your credibility. Best of all, video can be watched again and again and easily shared with others for years to come. You can also transcribe the video and use the written text for additional marketing purposes. This also works in reverse. Existing written content (blog posts, articles, eBooks, etc.) can provide “scripts” for video. The more ways you can highlight your expertise, the better because different people prefer information in different formats.

2. Features your personality and “bedside manner.” People hire professionals they like and trust and video is a great way for prospects to get to know you. Seeing and hearing you before they meet you, can help you seem more approachable as well as cement your credibility based on the information you provide. For professionals who worry about being stiff or awkward on camera, working with an experienced videographer can make a significant difference in helping you feel more relaxed about the process and communicate effectively on camera. Of course, like anything, the more you practice, the better you will be.

3. Converts a higher percentage of referrals. Referrals are often the primary source for new business for professionals. When a referral is made, that person goes to your website to check you out. And for all the reasons above, video that highlights your personality and skill sets, will convert referrals into new business opportunities at a higher rate than if you did not have video.

4. Differentiates you from the competition. Professional service firms often have a hard time distinguishing their practice. Since there are few firms doing video (or doing it well), there is an opportunity to accentuate the value of the firm and the skill sets of your partners in a unique and personal way. Increasingly, consumers also expect to see websites with video, so you are also proving that you understand your market more than your competitors.

5. Delivers a strong ROI. Quality video is not cheap (quality never is), but it often has a better ROI than other types of marketing, which also makes it a cost-effective choice. First, as the research shows, consumers are viewing and taking positive action to engage with companies because of video marketing. In addition, video provides years of benefits unlike other types of marketing which are “one and done.” A well-made video is very versatile. It can last for 3-5 years and be used for multiple purposes on many digital channels (email, social media, pitches, ads, blogs, SEO).

If you are interested in video marketing, how can you get started and be successful at it? As with all marketing, planning is key. Robert Weiss advises “the first thing to do when thinking about video, is to stop thinking about video.” Instead, take these steps:

1. Determine your business objectives first (video has many uses across the entire marketing funnel and one video will not fit into every tactic);

2. Focus the message of that video – that is, don’t try to create one video that solves all the world’s problems;

3. Have a plan to monetize the video; and

4. Develop a longer-term strategy.

Robert gives a glimpse of the future of video, “Firms should be looking to build a 2 to 4-year strategic video plan that gives them a variety of video content to support thought leadership, practice/industry niches, partner bio pages, blogs and social media.” It’s okay to start simple but try to be consistent. Not surprisingly, these same strategies also apply to written content marketing. One piece of content won’t get you anywhere no matter how good it is. Repetition is crucial.

For more advice on using video, read – 9 Tips For Integrating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy and check out Robert’s tips page on business video production.

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