Top tips on building a strong personal brand

18th, Oct 2018

Like it or not, you have a personal brand. Your brand is about your reputationwhat you are known for and what people expect from you personally and professionally. The problem is that your brand may not be helping you because it isn’t distinctive, or you aren’t promoting it effectively. Below are a few tips I shared with the Nassau County Bar Association last month.

1. A strong personal brand is essential. Learning how to shape and promote your brand can help you be more successful in your career and business whether you work for yourself or someone else. It helps you stand out in a world where your competitors are everywhere, and it can be hard to explain how you are different.

2. Highlight the important differences. Your personal brand should encompass your Unique Selling Proposition (why someone should work with you over your competitors) and your Unique Value Proposition (what benefits your audience can expect from working with you). Think about the things that make you and your practice distinct. Do you have a specific niche or specialty; a different perspective because of your background or experience; or a personal story/motivation for the work that you are doing? Then consider how these add value to your relationships.

3. Be authentic and true to yourself. Don’t pick a brand for business reasons. Embrace who you are and be prepared that you won’t be a good fit for everyone and vice versa. Trying to please everyone will not get you noticed.

4. Help people. It’s better to give than to receive. Share your knowledge and expertise. Establish yourself as a connection maker. Follow up and follow through on your promises.

5. Stay visible in some way all the time. Unfortunately, people have short attention spans. You want to be the one your contacts remember if they have a problem or someone asks them for a referral. It is impossible to network or call and meet with people all the time. You need many ways to keep in touch with them constantly. That means taking advantage of social media and email marketing, your website, blogging, writing and speaking opportunities and networking.

6. Small steps matter. You don’t have to do it all at once. Commit to one or two marketing tactics or a set amount of time per week and then expand from there.

Thanks to Christie Jacobson and Jennifer Koo for inviting me to speak and Mindy Wolfle for sharing her great tips on “Effective Networking is All About Relationship Building.”

For more branding tips, read Personal Branding Tips To Grow Your Business.

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