Seven steps to being a successful virtual presenter

15th, Apr 2020

By Guest Blogger – Marla Seiden, Seiden Communications

When presenting online, follow the 3 P’s to be an engaging speaker: Prepare – Practice – Passion

Here are seven specific steps to transform your screen presentation into a lively, engaging one.

1. Before presenting, do a few stretches and mild exercise for energy.

2. Be conversational and authentic no matter how many participants are watching your program. Instead of telling long stories, be brief with short anecdotes and examples. Less is more.

3. Vary your facial expressions to support what you’re saying and help participants keep their eyes on you. Viewers will focus on your face. Smile when appropriate.

4. For good eye contact, look straight ahead at the camera and not at the screen. Avoid shaking your head or looking up and down or side to side as it’s distracting. Standing is beneficial if you tilt the screen so your head can be seen.

5. Reduce the number of filler words like uhm and uh by pausing and slowing the pace. Emphasize specific words to help eliminate these types of empty words.

6. Wear appropriate business attire. Too many patterns and colors are distracting. Pastel colors are best and should contrast with the background – i.e., blue shirt against a beige background.

7. Use vocal variety to maintain viewer attention:

Pitch: Change your pitch (high, medium, low) to avoid a monotone voice.

Tone: Alter your tone. Use varied emotions for greater expression and interest.

Volume: Alternate between louder and softer depending on what you’re saying. If you use a microphone, practice volume changes before the presentation.

Rate: Speed up and slow down as it reflects what you’re saying. For example, if you want to show excitement, you can speak a little faster. If you’re discussing a serious issue, slow down.


Marla Seiden is president of Seiden Communications Inc., a presentation skills training and public relations firm for over 25 years.

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