9 ways to stay top of mind with your contacts on social media

Social media is most successful as a marketing tool for professionals when you use it to build and maintain a relationship with your contacts. To do that, you need to be helpful and actively engage with your contacts. Occasionally posting something or clicking “like” doesn’t cut it. Instead, follow these suggestions to help you stay top of mind in a meaningful way: (more…)

Help people first; get business second

There’s the old adage that it’s better to give than to receive. Many people believe that in their personal life, but few seem to carry that idea into their business life. Helping people in a business setting is just as important and can reap substantial rewards personally and financially. It enables you to build stronger relationships with others which can make your work and personal life more fulfilling as well as eventually lead to business. The next time you are wondering why no one is sending you clients, consider some of these ways you can help them first: (more…)

12 ways to stay top of mind with your referral sources

For professional services firms, referrals will always be a significant way to get new business. However, you can’t get a referral if you don’t stay top of mind with your referral sources. The trick is to promote yourself using a mix of marketing channels. You never know what type of marketing your contacts may see so you want to be visible in lots of different ways. (more…)