How often should you update your website?

For professional service firms, a well-designed and informative website is a powerful tool for establishing credibility, showcasing expertise and attracting clients. It is often the first point of contact for potential clients or the place someone who met you elsewhere goes to learn more about you. A website is more than a brochure; it is a virtual representation of your firm’s experience, values and capabilities. As a result, it is essential to maintain it properly and regularly update it so that it puts your firm in the best possible light. How often should you update your site? Here are a few guidelines: (more…)

10 ways a summer intern can help with your marketing

College is almost out so this is the time to be looking for summer interns if you haven’t already done so. Students want experience in their chosen profession. Businesses need assistance at a reasonable cost. Internships serve both these purposes and more. Marketing interns are particularly useful because they can help with both administrative and creative tasks that are essential to effectively promoting your firm. Below are some suggestions for how a marketing intern can assist you, but explore other options depending on your hire’s education, work experience, strengths and weaknesses and your firm’s needs. (more…)

How to get more clients with “owned, earned and paid” media

The most successful marketing incorporates multiple channels to get a message across. Yet, many professionals will focus all of their efforts on one or two things missing great opportunities to develop new business and stay in touch with potential referral sources. This is a big mistake because it often doesn’t cost that much more time or money to push out your marketing piece through other outlets. Before you limit your marketing, consider these options: (more…)