Our goal is to help you create, publish and promote content that grows your business.

Services plan develop deploy assess diagramContent marketing is a significant commitment, but with the right planning and implementation it provides a great return on investment. Our services encompass the whole process from determining the strategies, to managing the editorial and production pipeline, and spearheading marketing and publicity campaigns.

Whether you are new to content marketing or already using it regularly, we collaborate with you on the following:

Content strategy

We work with you to determine where to focus your efforts and to ensure your content is aligned with your goals. At a high-level, we establish a plan for what content initiatives to pursue for which audiences and for what purpose. We develop strategies for promoting and leveraging the content, reaching the target audiences and incorporating your other marketing initiatives. We also define the metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the program.

Content planning and creation

This involves more specific planning and project management. Our services include guiding you in building an editorial calendar, establishing guidelines and style sheets, writing, editing, and assigning roles and responsibilities.

We collaborate with you to develop specific topics/areas to cover and establish how, when and where content will be published and promoted. We identify subject matter experts, writers and any other needed resources for each piece of content. We also discuss how to incentivize content production and maximize resources internally.

Content audits and evaluation

You may already have more content than you think, including marketing materials, articles, client presentations, recorded speaking engagements, etc. We evaluate your existing content for prospective reuse and distribution. In addition, we assess your infrastructure, internal resources and content production capabilities.

Pilot projects

We develop pilot projects to test content marketing and help build your business case. Successful firms recognize the initial return on investment in content marketing is hard to measure, but want to see progress toward achieving their goals. Content marketing is a well-established long-term strategy, but with a pilot project, you start with a small investment and monitor its impact. As you accumulate small successes, you build on those to justify an increased budget. This holds true regardless of how much content marketing you’ve done previously. We show you how adding resources in targeted ways can improve results and establish the benefits of making a larger investment.

Already using content marketing?

Do you (or others at your firm) already publish articles, speak at seminars, make client presentations or produce other valuable content? Are you repurposing, leveraging and promoting the content to its best advantage?

We can help you if you are challenged by any of the following areas:

  • Writing (or requesting others to write) articles/blog posts or speaking at seminars.
  • Identifying interesting and informative content that will appeal to clients and prospects.
  • Managing the tactical, editorial, design, distribution, marketing, PR and social media aspects of creating and promoting content.
  • Developing strategies to target your audience.
  • Building a business case for content marketing.

Whether you produce a little content or a lot, we can advise you on improving, expanding and managing your content marketing to better achieve your goals.

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