Social Media

We focus on targeting the right audience to maximize your results.

Social media is an essential tool in marketing your business. It helps you stay top of mind with your existing contacts as well as attract and establish credibility with new audiences. However, the key to success is having a strategy and action plan focused on what you want to accomplish with social media.

We help clients develop and implement an effective social media plan. That includes focusing on the right social media channels to reach your audience and crafting a strong message and social media profile.

Sharing information is crucial for social media. We assist clients with creating compelling high-quality content and communicating it regularly to their targeted audience. We utilize both original and curated content to help you highlight your expertise to attract and retain clients.

Our work includes monitoring social media activity and making recommendations to improve results so you make the most of your investment.

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Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing starts with a well-thought out strategy and plan.

Marketing often fails because firms do not properly target their marketing efforts. They engage in marketing without a clear vision of what to do and how to get there. As a result, they spend a lot of money on many different things with little to show for it.

For many firms, we act as a Virtual Marketing Director. We work with them to create and implement a strategic marketing plan customized to their needs.

Our Process

Step 1: Our work begins by assessing your unique value proposition, target audience(s), objectives, and competitors. We guide you in developing a brand to distinguish you from the competition as well as identifying your key markets and specific business goals.

Step 2: Next we work with you to determine where best to focus your efforts to help you accomplish your goals and maximize your marketing investment. We assist you in creating a realistic plan which takes into account your resources and budget. Our recommendations incorporate ideas for using your website, email, social media, search engines, public relations, and other appropriate marketing outlets.

Step 3: Once the plan has been developed, we look at how we can best support your marketing initiatives and provide the most significant impact. Often we continue to work with clients on implementation of their marketing plan and tailor our services to meet their needs. Our services encompass training and overseeing staff who handle day to day work as well as providing ongoing consulting and direction to improve marketing results.

Our goal is to deliver a strategic marketing and action plan to grow your business.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a proven and effective way to attract and retain business.

Why is it successful? Content marketing focuses on educating your audience by creating and sharing valuable information. Instead of telling your prospects about your qualifications and experience, you prove it by giving them relevant practical content. This is particularly important for professional service firms where demonstrating knowledge is crucial and providing helpful advice is the key to building trust.

Simply stated, content marketing helps build relationships with your audience, and relationships drive revenue.

We help you develop and promote the right content to –

  • Get you noticed
  • Inform and engage your audience
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Keep you top of mind
  • Develop trust and loyalty

Our Services

  • Content Development. We collaborate with you to develop specific topics that will appeal to your audience and help promote your practice.
  • Writing/Editing. We draft/edit new content as well as evaluate opportunities to revise and repurpose your existing content.
  • Editorial Planning. Our work includes creating and managing an editorial calendar, establishing guidelines, determining roles and responsibilities and assessing where additional resources are needed.
  • Content Promotion. The best results come from promoting your content via multiple marketing channels. We help clients leverage their content using their website, email, social media, search engines, public relations, and other appropriate marketing outlets. We also ensure content marketing is integrated into any other marketing the firm is doing.

We assist clients with all forms of content, including:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Presentations
  • Video
  • Newsletters
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Marketing Brochures

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